Fly Fishing California

Project Synopsis

The project is a made for TV series about fly fishing in Northern California. Northern California has several world renowned trout and steelhead streams that draw thousands of visitors a year. Most of the trout fishing is between April through October and the Steelhead season runs from November through March. Each episode will feature one of the eight rivers and introduce the viewers to the rivers and surrounding areas. Each of these rivers has their own personality, unique fishing techniques and offers an individual experience.

Episode Format

Each episode will focus on one river where a host and guest will fish for trout. During each episode, the host will discuss the special techniques, fly patterns, strategies and other tips and tricks to help visitors to these waters be more successful. The goal is to introduce each river to the viewers and make them want to visit the rivers but also become better fisherman through teaching and demonstration. The main narration will be by the host and the guest will help with overall color, communication between the host and guest, introduce questions for the audience and act as a student from a teach to student perspective.
Each episode may also talk about local topics, points of interest, conservation and ecology efforts where pertinent. This particular area offers stunning vistas, scenery and additional wildlife viewing opportunities.


This is a list of possible locations :

(River) - Fall River

(River) - Hat River

(River) - Klamath River

(River) - Lower Sacramento River

(River) - Mcloud River

(River) - Pit River

(River) - Upper Sacramento River

(River) - Trinity River

(River) - Owens

(Ocean) - Ventura Beach

(Estuary/Bay) - Sacramento Delta

(River) - Carson

Production Schedule

Early 2017 - Location Scouting, Talent, Sponsor research, Planning and Logistics

May through October – River Fishing

December through March – Stealhead/Trout ( Lower Sac, Trinity, Klamath )

Early 2018 – Editing/Post Productions

April 2018 – Release/Distribution


The overall goal of the project is to release to a broad audience both domestic and worldwide. The primary distribution channel will be Video on Demand platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Hulu and others. Additional distribution channels will be actively pursued including domestic and international cable distribution channels including Outdoor Life Network and regional television carriers.