The Surf Zone

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Project Synopsis: A documentary about why Southern California became the nexus of surfing and continues to be the focal point of surfing to this day. Most people agree that the spark that enabled surfing to take hold and become a worldwide phenomenon was the release of the movie Gidget back in 1959. What many people don’t realize is that there were many pre-conditions that had to exist before the movie was made and then enabled surfing to take hold and expand. These pre-conditions where only possible in southern California and at a very specific time. This documentary takes a deeper look at the pre-conditions including the people, surfers, shapers, technology, industry and media that allowed for the success. The project also follows the surfing movement through the various phases of the culture and investigates the influence of people, technology, industry and media to the culture and sport of surfing.

The project takes the viewers on a journey of how surfing started in southern California and thrived through interviews of the people that where there and contributed to the culture and movement. The interviews include the waterman who started the culture, the shapers who crafted the technology, the surfers who defined the culture, the media that communicated the culture to the rest of the world and the industry that supported and later guided the surfing movement.

Project Goal: the target media outlets for the project include HBO, ESPN, A&E and PBS stations. Additional outlets after the initial run or first run include video streaming services including Amazon Prime, ITunes and others.

Distribution: The project’s distributor ( Janson Media ) will manage the world wide distribution rights for all media outlets except for PBS. The producer already has the appropriate contacts for this market.

Producer: Kasey Eunice ( imdb link: ) is the producer for this documentary. Kasey has produced other documentary related series that are also distributed by Jansen Media most notably the series “Life in a Tide Pool”.

Project Timeline: The project is filming now. Primary video capture and interviews are scheduled for completion December 2016. Post production is scheduled to begin early 2016 with project completion expected June 2016.

Project Talent: Each person interviewed will provide commentary about one or more specific aspects of the story from their own perspective and experiences. The contributors can be loosely grouped into the following four categories: surfers, shapers, media and industry.